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Against the Lich King

Towards the Doomgate

The Hook

The group has decided to head north to the Doomgate to help some people settle in.


In Westhaven
So they commissioned a boat?
Then they headed into the mountains to see Doomgate?
Dibs on the boat!

In the cave of the Forest Drakes
Seriously, it's caravan full of fat humans.
Idiot! Those are women.
What's the difference?


The group joined the caravan departing Westhaven; those in the caravan had plans to settle near Doomgate and the group would help them get there.

The decision to invite their erstwhile friends as guards proved prophetic. Just a few days into the trip, a giant beetle came scuttling out of the forest. It was all they could do to avoid being killed with their guards rushed forward and brought an end to the beast. They left most of it but took the pincers and wings as trophies.

A couple of days later as they enrered the foothills less than half a day from Doomgate, they were attacked again. This time, the creature was a flying forest drake who could spit acid and kill with a single swipe of it's claw or chomp of its teeth. Luckily, the guardians again proved worthy of the task and managed to slay the beast with few casualties.

Alon, the leader of the guardians, chose to leave the corpse there to speed the pilgrims on their way to safety. At the time, none were sure of his decision, but they did not contest him for he was both wise and beautiful.

Arriving in Doomgate, Alon had Bornon arrange for men to help retrieve the corpse, bring it to town, and field cdress it. The fearless leader decided to arrange the sale himself and approached the wizard about a sale. It didn't take long as Alon was a skilled negotiator and quickly got his asking price.

Alon did not wish to leave coins in a cave and so he arranged for the interrogation of a local hunter about the forest drakes potential lair. It was revealed that the beast laired with Kobolds, a creature they could easily best in combat. They packed bags and quickly headed to the cave where the hunter had suggested they start.

Alon's keen vision spotted the drake first as it circled overhead, hunting. They watched as it swooped down and grabbed a bear cub in its mighty talons, then took it up to a cave to devour it.

Having seen their quarry, Alon pushed the other to move quickly, but carefully to the cave mouth. As they climbed and stood listening, they could hear the sounds of it eating inside.

They made their way up the hill, with Alon reminding Ropp to be diligent in his search for traps. Ropp found one, then another, and finally a third. Between the halfling and Alon, they found themselves 50' from the cave.

Not even Alon had predicted the duplicity of the kobolds! They were hiding in the last pit and even as six charged from the cave, four more emerged from the pit behind them to throw javelins. A drake appeared in the sky overhead and breathed acid on the group. Then, a second drake burst from the cave to join the fray.

Alon's courage inspired them all as they bravely fought their way out of the ambush. He killed most of the cave dwellers himself and Ropp and Bornon, inspired by his heroism, killed the other pair.

The drakes did not go so easily. Arric managed to flip the pit closed on that group but not before their spears had left the noble savage Graak sorely wounded. Arric called upon the Blessed Attendant and she healed his companions, then blessed them that they might fight better.

Finally, Aron slew the last of the forest drakes, the second he had killed in as many days and the group set about collecting treasure.

Bornon went back to Doomgate to hire carts to transport these new drakes to town for a feast in honor of Alon's leadership


Steve: Taking the decanter is a bad sign, it makes him look cheap.
Joe: Everyone knows Alon drinks like a fish.

GM: The goblin has a spear stuck through his head and coming out his mouth.
Joe: I'm glad he's dead, he was very sharp-tongued.

The Spoils

Tim: Guardian Dagger +1

Lou: Boots of Elvenkind

Joe: Quall's Feather Token, Feather fall 10 charges

Graak and Dragen each got about 465 gold.
Everyone else got about 930

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 4500.0 150.0 1650.0 6300 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3700 for level 5
Roleplaying +150

Arric 4500.0 150.0 1650.0 6300 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3700 for level 5
Roleplaying +0150

Bornon Dibayou 4500.0 150.0 1650.0 6300 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3700 for level 5
Roleplaying +150

Dragan 4500.0 75.0 825.0 5400 Need 600 for level 4
Roleplaying +75

Ropp Flamecoin 4500.0 150.0 1650.0 6300 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3700 for level 5
Roleplaying +150

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