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The Setting

The setting is in the Middel Kingdom (China) shortly after the Chhina Dynasty has been driven off by the Han Dynasty. The 2nd Han Emperor is currently ruling, but he is old and withered.

The players start in the village of Dragonwall, a small village in the decaying northern part of the empire. One hundred miles to the north is the Great Wall. When the wall was being built, the general in charge had a dream in which a celestial dragon ordered him to built one 1000 foot section of the wall 100 miles south of the rest of the wall. The Emperor was angered that the general obeyed the dragon without consulting him and ordered the general to commit honorable suicide and to appease the dragon he commanded the general's heirs to maintain the wall. House Yung set a number of peasants up near the wall and built a summer retreat on a nearby hill. In time a group of yellow temple monks also set came to the area.

Today most of the Dragonwall villagers works at silk harvesting and tending their small farms, once per year the Yung family sends representatives to organize the villagers to do up keep on the wall and to honor the grave of the general. At the end of this visit is a festival that also marks the start of the silk season. Players might start as priests studying at the local temple, peasants from the area, or courtiers of House Yung.

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