What's New on the site

December 18, 2001
Added data for 12/17 Eight Skilled Gentlemen and Prelude for next one.

December 13, 2001
Posted prelude for next 8 Skilled Gentlemen game.

December 6, 2001
Added the chronicle for the 12/3 Eight Skilled Gentleman game. If you don't like your name as shown, you know what to do.

December 3, 2001
Numerous updates to the 8 Skilled Gentlemen area, including a prelude (of sorts) for tonight.

November 1, 2001
Added content for Bad Company includng prelude of first adventure.
Added Chronicle for 8 skilled of 10/29 and prelude 11/5.
Corrected character start for followers on 8 skilled.
Converted this to a news file.
Converted more pages to new format (since no one has complained yet).

July 9th, 2001
Updated the 7th Sea section

June 12th, 2001
Updated the Bayside section; updated 7th Sea rules

June 3th, 2001
Added the Bayside section

March 15th, 2001
Added the Seventh Sea section

March 12th, 2001
A number of updates (including the name) to the Away Team section

January 20th, 2001
Added Chronicles and next game for 8/24/00 and 1/19/01 Birthright

January 9th, 2001
Added Dust Bedevilled to the index and journals pages; added WinterCon to the main page

December 11th, 2000
Added chronicles for the the 12/10 Broken Crown.

December 10th, 2000
Added chronicles for the the Broken Crown so far.

November 13th, 2000
Added some Sibley standings

November 4th, 2000
Added initial Chronicle for 11/04 Riders of the Storm game

October 23rd, 2000
Added initial Chronicle for 10/18 Broken Crown game

October 16th, 2000
Updated journals so they accept only 2500 characters per entry and can't be modified from outside this domain. As a bonus, the ENTER key works and the whole thing is smarter about email.
Moved Ansalea to the Gone list.

October 9th, 2000
Updated chronicles for 10/4 Broken Crown

October 2nd, 2000
Updated chronicles and/or preludes for 8/20, 10/1, and 10/8 Ansalea

September 25th, 2000
Started chronicle of 9/24 Broken Crown

September 19th, 2000
Completed chronicle of 9/17 Broken Crown
Updated the chronicle of 9/17 Broken Crown
Added Pantheon of the Old Ones

September 18th, 2000
Added chronicle and prelude for the Away Team, added story of 9/17 Broken Crown

September 12th, 2000
Added prelude and chronicle for most recent and next Birthright games.
Restored link to Twilight Rails.

September 11th, 2000
Added Broken Crown chronicle
Changed the formatting on Broken Crown to allow easy printing
Changed formatting on Ansalea and Birthright to allow easy printing too.

September 9th, 2000
Added the Broken Crown
Changed the calendar

September 5th, 2000
Started the the Away Team pages

August 20th, 2000
Added Chronicles for 8/10 Birthright and Prelude for the next one
Added Chronicle for 8/3 Twilight Rails
Corrected some errors in the Ansalea Chronicles
July 25th, 2000
Added the Chronicle for 7/24 Birthright and Prelude for the next one
July 24th, 2000
Updated the Sibley Standings
July 23rd, 2000
Corrected chronicle error for 5/11 Birthright, added 6/29 Chronicle and Prelude for 7/24 Birthright
July 17th, 2000
Chronicles for 7/16 Ansalea and 7/13 Twilight Rails. Prelude for 7/30 Ansalea
July 9th, 2000
Updated chronicles for Twilight Rails, Accidental Heroes, and Ansalea. Need Birthright to be complete (he hinted)
June 20th, 2000
Updated the calendar to make it easier, sorry about the emails
June 9th, 2000
Added Chronicle for 6/7 Twilight Rails, Added Twilight Rails to calendar, adjusted calendar format (slightly)
June 5th, 2000
Added link to Liam and Hunter, added Twilight Rails section and a prelude for same
June 1st, 2000
Chronicle for 5/30 Accidental Heroes, back to 100%
May 29th, 2000
Added chronicles for Ansalea (5/28), Riders on the Storm (5/10) and Heroes of Aredel (5/14). More work on armies/diskwars pages
May 27th, 2000
More work on the army listing pages
May 25th, 2000
Added new Army Submission page, reformatted army listing pages
May 24th, 2000
Updated Elf, Dwarf, Dragonkin, and K'ryth listings. Added navigation menu and modification date to all faction pages
May 20th, 2000
Corrected Knight and Acolyte listings (working on the rest); corrected XPs on the 5/11 Birthright Chronicle
May 19th, 2000
Extensive additions to the Diskwars section, most of which are still in their pre-content form (ie, they suck) the disklists are okay, but not entirely accurate (I'm working on it)
May 16th, 2000
Added the chronicle for Birthright 5/11 (one to go)
May 9th, 2000
Added the chronicle for Aredel 5/7; now we're down only two chronicles
April 25th, 2000
Added a Diskwars page (early stages). Complaints about nicknames and descriptions should be sent to Steve.
April 24th, 2000
Updated Chronicle and Prelude for Ansalea. Still at 100% (woohoo!)
April 21st, 2000
Added chronicles and prelude for Birthright (all Chronicles are now current - Wahoo!)
Made a page for Net stuff
Cleaned up the front page some
April 20th, 2000
Added Links to main page
Added Chronicles for Riders on the Storm 4/5 and 4/19 sessions
Added Archives for Accidental Heroes and Ansalea Journals.
Cut Journals down to most recent month, creating Archives as I went.
Should probably do Birthright and Sibley too, maybe later when this platoon is better rested.
April 19th, 2000
Corrected errors in Ansalea and Accidental Heroes chronicles (sorry!)
Added brief explanation to Links
April 18th, 2000
Added chronicle for 4/12 and prelude for next Accidental Heroes game
Fixed the calendar
Added the Gaming Links section
April 16th, 2000
Added chronicle for 4/9 and prelude for next Aredel game. Updated the index and journals pages.
April 9th, 2000
Added chronicle for 4/6 and prelude for next Birthright game.
March 28th, 2000
Added the chronicle for the 3/26 Aredel game, added more wisdom of Erik
March 27th, 2000
Completed Chonicle for 3/19 Ansalea and added Prelude for 4/2 Ansalea
March 26th, 2000
Updated all of Heroes of Aredel.
Posted about running tonight
Totally erased the Calendar by adding Aredel to the list
March 24th, 2000
Chronicles for 3/23 Birthright and Prelude for 4/6 Birthright
March 19th, 2000
Chronicles for 3/18 Birthright and Prelude for 3/23 Birthright
March 13th, 2000
Added the chronicles for the 3/8 Riders
March 8th, 2000
Finished the Ansalea chronicles, updated the calendar and journal pages
March 7th, 2000
Updated Chronicles for Ansalea to show experience points
March 3rd, 2000
Chronicles and Preludes for Riders on the Storm and Accidental Heroes completely up to date
March 2nd, 2000
Added Aredel to the Journals page, plus added its Journal
March 1st, 2000
Added The Heroes of Aredel
Updated main page to show the new section
February 29th, 2000
Updated chronicles for the 2/24 Birthright
Some Calendar changes
February 18th, 2000
Repaired the archives, revised the 2/16 Chronicles
February 17th, 2000
Added the chronicle for the 2/16 Riders
Febraury 14th, 2000
Added chronicles for 2/6 and 2/13 Ansalea, prelude for 2/27; experience to come later tonight
February 8th, 2000
Added version 1.0 of the self-adding calendar (more to come)
February 1st, 2000
Updated Sibley scores, added the stuff for Riders on the Storm, Updated the calendar
January 24th, 2000
Chronicles for 1/23 and Prelude for 2/6 Ansalea
Moved around the front page a little
Added Tom's “Smithereens” (my name, not his) game
Put Joe's old Doomtown back (partially)
January 23rd, 2000
Put RTH on the journal index
January 17th, 2000
Updated the chronicles for the 1/14 Birthright game
January 12th, 2000
Updated the chronicles for Accidental Heroes and Ansalea, including preludes.
Updated the Calendar
January 11th, 2000
I think all the links and journals and other stuff are now there. Let me know if I'm wrong
January 10th, 2000
Updated the calendar.
Updated the Crunch materials
December 5th, 1999
Added stuff for Joe's new Crunch game. Requested move to wintercamp.com domain
November 27th, 1999
Added 11/03 chronicle with experience. Added Prelude for 11/27 game
November 5th, 1999
Added 11/4 Chronicle and Next Game for Birthright
November 2nd, 1999
Updated calendar, Birthright and Accidental Heroes.
October 25th, 1999
Completed chronicle for 10/24, added prelude for 11/7 Ansalea
October 21st, 1999
Updated Chronicles for Dark City 10/20 game, experience included
October 20th, 1999
Updated Dark City chronicles, added prelude for 10/20 game.
October 18th, 1999
Updated calendar, Ansalea Chronicle, Ansalea Prelude, corrected errors in Netscape version of Return to the Tomb.
October 14th, 1999
Updated the Doomtown chronicle, added prelude, corrected Birthright 404's. May have fixed Netscape formatting issues
October 10th, 1999
Was anyone going to tell me that the Birthright games were really on 9/23 and 9/30?
Updated the chronicles and files to reflect those dates, plus added the 10/14 date for the next session
Updated the calendar
October 5th, 1999
Updated Chronicles for 9/29 Birthright
Added prelude for next Birthright
Added next/index/previous to chronicles
Made some cosmetic changes
October 4th, 1999
Updated chronicles for Ansalea 10/3 and 10/17.
Added prev/next to all Ansalea Chronicles.
Updated Dragonwall of 9/27; added prelude for next Dragonwall
September 30th, 1999
Updated the polls, added chronicles for 9/8 and 9/29 Accidental Heroes, added prelude for 10/13 Accidental Heroes, added Character Info form for Birthright
September 29th, 1999
Added the Polls section with two polls, updated main page.
September 23rd, 1999
Updated the main page.
September 20th, 1999
Updated the calendar, modified the character generator to force one stat to exceed 14, corrected a few bad links in the Birthright section, added birthright to the frames.
September 16th, 1999
Updated the calendar
Added John's game to the list
September 9th, 1999
Corrected some phone number errors, added chronicles and experience for the last Zheng, trimmed junk off the general discussion, updated the calendar
Updated the Sibley League standings and weekly results; please report any errors
September 1st, 1999
Added the gamer phone numbers
August 27th, 1999
Updated the calendar
Added the chronicle for the 8/25 Deadlands - written by Joe Hellar
August 23rd, 1999
Updated the calendar
August 12th, 1999
Finished the Dragonwall for 8/9; added prelude for 8/23
August 11th, 1999
Updated the chronicles for the 7/14 & 7/28 for Dark to include Experience
Updated the Slaughterhouse page
Added and updated the Lourus section
August 10th, 1999
Updated the chronicle for the 8/9 Dragonwall
August 9th, 1999
Updated the chronicle for 8/1 and did most of the 8/8 Ansalea
Updated the calendar
August 6th, 1999
Most of chronicle for 8/1 and prelude for 8/8 Ansalaea
August 5th, 1999
Added the province of Zheng to the Dragonwall section
Added a chronicle for the 8/4 Accidental Heroes
August 4th, 1999
Massive update to the whole Return to the Tomb of Horrors section
Several style sheet changes on the RTH Pages, some spelling corrected
Doomtown chronicle for 7/21 and Prelude for the under protest game of 8/4 (tonight!)
Added Tomb of Horrors to the frames
August 2nd, 1999
Updated the chronicles for The Dark City
July 31st, 1999
Updated the Calendar
Updated the Doomtown League Standings, Players List, Events, and Weekly results
July 28th, 1999
Added experience for 7/26 Dragon Wall and prelude for 8/9 Dragon Wall
July 26th, 1999
Added Chronicle for 7/26 Dragon Wall and a first cut at the fairy tale
July 25th, 1999
Added Chronicle for 7/25 Ansalea and prelude for 8/1 Ansalea
July 24th, 1999
Updated the Sibley results and standings, including adding total wins and losses
July 20th, 1999
Updated the quotes for the 7/14 Dark City
First pass at Characters for Tomb of Horrors
Updated the choncicle for 7/19 Tomb of Horrors
Updated the chronicles for Not in Kansas
Updated the Sibley League standings, player's list and weekly results.
Added the Prelude for the 7/21 Accidental Heroes game
July 19th, 1999
Updated the calendar
Updated the Chronicles for 7/14 Dark City
Updated Chroncles/Schedules for Ansalea and Dragonwall
July 13rd, 1999
Updated the calendar
Update the Chronicles for Not in Kansas and Tomb of Horrors
July 8th, 1999
Updated the calendar
Updated the Tomb of Horrors, Accidental Heroes, and Dragonwall Chronicles.
Updated the characters for Dragonwall and Accidental Heroes
July 7th, 1999
Updated the calendar
July 4th, 1999
Completed Experience, spoils and quotes for 6/27 Ansalea
July 2nd, 1999
Added the story for the 6/23 Accidental Heroes, the prelude for the 7/7 Accidental Heroes, the story for the 6/28 Dragonwall, the story for the 6/27 Ansalea, and the prelude for 7/11 Ansalea.
June 29th, 1999
Lending credence to Joe2's claims, updated the calendar, experience for the Dragonwall, and the prelude for 7/5
June 28th, 1999
Added the section for Dave's game and updated the calendar
June 23rd, 1999
Added Experience for the Dragonwall 6/21 and prelude for 6/28
June 22nd, 1999
Added Experience for Dark City.
June 21st, 1999
Added the Chronicle for the 6/21 Dragonwall game
Updated the characters section for Dragonwall
Updated the calendar
June 20th, 1999
Added some history of the Ch'hina Dynasty
June 17th, 1999
Updated the nice chronicle for the 6/16 Dark City
Corrected the chronicle for the 6/14 Dragonwall
Completed (other than experience points) the chronicles for the 6/16 Dark City
June 16th, 1999
Updated the Dragonwall Chronicles for 6/14 and 6/21; added new House Rules
Updated Accidental Heroes Chronicles for 6/9
Added new term to the dictionary
Updated Ansalea Chronicles for 6/13; updated characters pages
Updated the calendar
June 15th, 1999
Corrected a couple of typos in the Dark City Prelude
Updated the calendar and made sure it'll never be out of date again
June 14th, 1999
Added Prelude for 6/16/99 Dark City
Edited Dragonwall Chronicle for Tomb Raider
June 13th, 1999
Changed the background on the Dragonwall pages (you may not be able to tell; but it should mean you never see yellow text on a white background while waiting for the images to load.)
June 12th, 1999
Added experience to the 6/10 Dragonwall
Added the prelude for the 6/17 Dragonwall
Changed the calendar to show new dates for Sibley/Law Dogs season and Dragonwall
June 11th, 1999
Signed up for the Doomtown Express webring
Took some junk off some of the walls (like Lou telling us to get him Pepsi <G>)
June 10th, 1999
Added the chronicle for 6/10 Dragonwall
June 9th, 1999
Updated the calendar
June 8th, 1999
Added experience for The Dark City
June 7th, 1999
Added chronicles for Not in Kansas
Added prelude for Accidental Heroes
June 6th, 1999
Updated for this week's Sibley stuff
Added the Location, Location, Location thing to the Outside page
June 5th, 1999
Added character background form for Dragonwall
June 4th, 1999
Added chronicle for Dragonwall of 6/3
June 3rd, 1999
Added Nice and Dark chronicles for 6/2 Dark City
June 2nd, 1999
Added a prelude for tonight's game
May 31th, 1999
Updated chronicle/results for Ansalea of 5/30; added prelude for 6/13
Updated the calendar
May 30th, 1999
Updated players, standings and weekly for the Sibley League
Updated the look of the Dragonwall section
May 29th, 1999
Added the experience points for the Dragonwall game
Added a frames option (not yet complete, suggestions welcome!)
May 28th, 1999
Added the chronicle for the Wednesday Doomtown and the Thursday Dragonwall games
Added Sibley to the Journal Index
Updated the Calendar
May 27th, 1999
Changed the format of the add a tone thing
Put the link to the Dragonwall house rules on the Dragonwall index (duh!)
May 26th, 1999
Added the ability to pick a "tone" in the general discussion area. This is a test and could wind up in a lot of places (including www.wintercamp.com) if people think it's cool...
May 25th, 1999
Updated the calendar
Added the experience summary to Dragonwall
Updated the Sheriff's Watchin' and added the A few good men... chronicle
Added the House Rules for Joe's game
Added the Prelude for Joe's game
May 24th, 1999
Updated the pages for the Oriental game (making 'em pretty comes next)
Updated the Sibley Quickdraw pages
May 23rd, 1999
Added the pages for Joe's new Oriental game
May 20th, 1999
Update the previously unnoticed prelude for Dark City to show results of May 19.
Changed the links in The Dark City to make Home and Main the same (Home is the basement, Main is Dark City) as they are in everything else
Added the pages for the Sibley Quickdraw League
May 7th, 1999
Updated the SlaughterHouse
Added the chronicles for Tom's Hunters on May 5 (quotes later)
May 6th, 1999
Corrected broken link for Accidental Heroes chronicle of 4/28
Added quotes for 4/14 and 4/28 to Accidental Heroes
Added prelude for 5/12 Accidental Heroes
May 2nd, 1999
Added the chronicle for the last Not in Kansas game
May 1st, 1999
Changed the main page again - Click on the top left die bar to scroll up faster (try it, you'll see - if nothing happens, refresh/reload the page)
Updated the calendar
April 29th, 1999
Updated the Accidental Heroes chronicle
April 26th, 1999
Updated the calendar; changed the main page a little; added Accidental Heroes and Ansalea chronicles
April 21st, 1999
Added Prelude for Weds. game. --Tom
April 17th, 1999
After the taunting received on Wed. page was updated only using a text editor. -- Tom
Main page redone -- Tom
Calender updated -- Tom
Who's Who updated --Tom
Coming soon pages added for Rules and Outside the Basement pages -- Tom
What's New section updated -- Tom
Caused Steve to have a heart attack for playing on the site -Tom
April 12, 1999
Added chronicle for Ansalea game of 4/11/99.
April 11, 1999
Added chronicle for Ansalea game on 4/10/99.
Added titles to all Ansalea Chronicles so far
Killed the last (I hope) of the Xoom links
April 8, 1999
Added the Dark and Light chronicles for The Dark City
Added the Slaughterhouse link
April 7, 1999
Invented my own prelude for tonight's game -- Steve
Fixed Steve's errors -- Tom
Updated the Slaughterhouse
April 5, 1999
Updated the chronicle for Mike's game, added a "real" for Tom's game on 3/24/99 and 3/7/99; fixed some links that still showed Xoom
April 4, 1999
Modified the main page again, added a page for Joe's new system
April 3, 1999
Modified the main page, added the Gaming Dictionary
April 2, 1999
Updated the Accidental Heroes and Ansalea Chronicles; updated the calendar; added Dragon Dice Risk
March 31, 1999
Updated the "home" links in the Accidental Heroes section.
March 29, 1999
Updated the calendar
Updated the calendar
Updated the calendar
Updated the calendar
March 26, 1999
Completed the move to the new domain. Please look for broken links and report them
Updated the calendar
March 25, 1999
Updated The Dark City Chronicles
Updated The Dark City characters
Update The Dark City bar flier
March 24, 1999
Updated the calendar
Made a change in The Dark City Chronicles
March 14, 1999
Continuing his control resurgence, Steve updates his chronicle (very slightly), adds some stuff for Mike's game, and screws around with some colors and stuff here and there
March 12, 1999
Tom adds the 3/7 Dark Chronicle and 3/24 Prelude for Dark City
Steve updates the calendar, changes some Accidental Heroes stuff and screws with Tom's colors (I hate links and text the same color and when you underline too argh!)
March 11, 1999
Steve retakes control of parts of the webpage
Updated the players and Steve's Doomtown section
Added the general discussion area
Cleaned out a bunch of basically mean-spirited crap
March 6, 1999
Tom takes control of the Website
Updated chronicles for Steve's Doomtown
Updated Dark City section.
March 5, 1999
Who knows, looks like we lost part of this file.

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