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Against the Lich King

#13 The Lost Tomb

The Hook

Stopping the mysterious ceremony led to the discovery of an ancient tomb.


Those bastards disrupted my plans, ehh I mean your plans master.


The party opened the trap door after Ropp checked it, then peered into the darkness. There was a stairway leading down with bone treads and a handrail made with more bones threaded through skulls mounted on the wall. Following the stairs down, they entered a room filled with webs.

Peering into the room they found the desiccated bodies of several hobgoblins. As they investigated a giant spider descended from the ceiling to attack them. Not only was it huge, but it had an infestation of some sort of vermin which also attacked the group. It was a hard fight, but when the final blow rained down on the spider, the vermin ran, never to be seen again. The group checked for treasure and found some coins and magic on the deceased.

Leaving that room, they entered a temple with a vaulted ceiling and tiny pews. They killed a Darnoc and then checked the altar which turned out to have some blood-crusted tools on it, but no treasure. Ropp spotted a hidden door and they went up the stairs behind it to find a room which gave them a perfect view of the temple through a crystal built into the room.

They came back down the stairs and went out another door. As they moved down the hall, a strange mist arose and a quartet of arrows came into the hall but luckily none of them found their mark. They moved through the fog quickly once Bamf announced there were skeletons. Arric invoked the power of Dalenydra and about half of them died. The rest were of sterner stuff and one even cast spells. Still, they were no match for the group.

They moved down another hall into a room with a single statue in the center. Ropp recognized it as a caryatid column, but they were put off by blood oozing through it's skin. Still they rallied and things to Bornon and War, the thing was dispatched quickly.

Moving through that area, they came into a room with 10 sarcophagi. Things didn't go well as they were immediately attacked by a pair of brain oozes and Alon and Bamf turned on them. Luckily, Arric was able to hold Bamf before he could do to much damage and Alon chose to use his dagger to avoid being attacked when he cast spells. The fight was very hard -- the oozes were immune to many effects, hard to hit and very resilient. Finally, they managed to kill one of them and once they could focus on the other one it didn't take long for them to send it off to join it's sibling.


GM: The stairs are made with bone treads. There's handrail with skulls bonding more bones to the wall. You can see tracks in the dust below.

Ropp: The fastest way down any stairs is the handrail.
Dragan: But there's skulls, "no teeth".

GM: You can't see anything because you're at the top of the stairs.
Alon: How did I know it hit Dragan (pause) because it sounded like a little girl.

Alon: Get that smelly dog out of here, does it ever get a bath?
Dragan: It's cleaner than you.
Dragan: Do I smell tuna
Alon: Hey, I like tuna.
Aragan: No kidding

Jim: Which guy do I have this time?
Many: Bamf!

GM: When you put it on and think about it the candle lights.
Joe: Do you have an idea?

Lou: If the skeletons have flame strike I'm going home.
Steve: You are home (we're playing virtually).

The Spoils

Hern: Candle Cap of Light

Lou: Ring of Troglodytes, Rod of Ice

Tim: Bead Campfire 2' for 8 hours

Jimmy: Leather bands Muleback cords +8 to carrying strength, Ring of Foe Focus

Jim: Amulet +3 natural armor

Steve: Cloak Cassock of Clergy, Healer's Kit Haunted by friendly spirit. May be able to advise on history.

Keith: Chain Shirt +1, Luck

Joe: Knotted Rope

Leftovers: Cloak Resis +1 Saves, +1 Scimitar, Ring of bondage (master), Ring of bondage (slave), Hide armor +2 Trackless

Cool stuff: Dagger and skull both covered in blood, 76 silver arrows, 4 MW long swords, MW dagger, 4 breastplates, 4 Heavy steel shields

Each: 14 copper, 15 Silver, 40 gold

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 29166.0 285.0 2515.0 31966 Need 2034 for level 8
Roleplaying +285

Arric 29166.0 285.0 2515.0 31966 Need 2034 for level 8
Roleplaying +285

Bamf 19000.0 285.0 2515.0 21800 Need 1200 for level 7
Roleplaying +285

Bornon Dibayou 29166.0 285.0 2515.0 31966 Need 2034 for level 8
Roleplaying +285

Dragan 19711.0 285.0 2515.0 22511 Need 489 for level 7
Roleplaying +285

Ropp Flamecoin 19766.0 285.0 2515.0 22566 Need 434 for level 7
Roleplaying +285

War Wandering 23611.0 285.0 2515.0 26411 Need 7589 for level 8
Roleplaying +285

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