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Winter's Harvest


In the 737th Year of the age of Regis, the Aleriat Empire stands on the verge of a massive invasion of the last Morian Stronghold in the Southern Marches, a campaign that will drive the hated invaders into the sea and cement the Empires claim to ruler ship of all the northern continent.

Suddenly rumors begin to circulate in the capital about the Iago pass to the Northern marches being snowed in for over two months pass the start of spring. Little has been thought of it until the Emperor announces the order to uncase the banner of the 13th legion. Twelve legions are keep in permanent formation by the empire, the 14th and 15th legion have been activated and maintained since the start of the peninsular war, the 13th is only raised during times of Imperial emergency.

Wild rumors begin to circulate, but the only commonly known information is that a lone rider, the last of a full Phalanx of men sent across a forgotten high pass over the spine of the world, recently arrived carrying a warning of a winter that will not end, starvation and rebellion. The north holds the only Empirial source of Cinnabar, a vital ingredient in the Firepowder needed for the Cannons to be used in the peninsular war, without it the southern Marches may be lost for the rest of the age.

Ten Phalanx of troops are gathered to clear a path over the mountains and serve as a relief force to reinforce Duke Sandoval of Irinad, the players will be part of, or traveling with, this force


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