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Isle of Mysteries

Campaign Chronicles

Here's where you find out what's happened in previous adventures and what's still to come (in some cases).

The Wreck
In the midst of a pitched battle, an unnatural storm appears and wrecks at least one ship, the Bonaventure. (Updated: Wednesday, 01/12/2022 23:45:00)

Halls of reverned silence
What was that noise"
It sounded like thunder, but inside?
They have a spell caster.
Kill him first!
Prepare the rats!
Come here woman, I need you to block arrows. (Updated: Wednesday, 01/19/2022 23:46:00)

Shark Ridge
"Someone comes, at last I shall have satisfaction."
(Updated: Wednesday, 02/02/2022 23:45:00)

Rumble in the kitchen
If you can't stand the heat, avoid the acid spitting cyclops (Updated: Thursday, 02/17/2022 00:46:00)

BAck to teh shark (Updated: Wednesday, 02/23/2022 23:21:00)

When the butcher boy attack
Wake up! (Updated: Wednesday, 03/16/2022 23:29:00)

The lost temple
I sense a disturbance
Someone comes (Updated: Wednesday, 04/13/2022 23:35:00)

High adventrue in Butcher's bay
Which way do they go? (Updated: Wednesday, 05/25/2022 23:19:00)

Return to the hole
Meat comes, they face shadows, then we feast! (Updated: Wednesday, 06/01/2022 23:22:00)

Bug hunt
It's time sensitive (Updated: Wednesday, 06/15/2022 23:23:00)

For the Horde
The bugs sent a note about some prey to the north, probably the ones who slaughter Kinoc and his men.

Excellent. My son need to prove himself. Call for a horde and he will hunt them down. (Updated: Thursday, 06/30/2022 21:51:00)

They came with the storm
Go to hell you damned beast!
The captain is fighting the sea monster!
You'll not keep me from my rightful treasure. Die you overgrown snapping turtle!
Land ho! (Updated: Wednesday, 07/20/2022 23:19:00)

Tomb raider
We have enemies in common, why not set them upon each other. We just need someone who can piss them off beyond all measure. Naturaly I thought of you. (Updated: Thursday, 08/04/2022 00:58:00)

The bitch, the bitch, the bitch in back
Fuck the charm spells, I'm going for blood (Updated: Wednesday, 08/17/2022 23:02:00)

Tomb raiders
There are stranger on the isle, should not someone stand guard?
What use traps on a tomb if we need to guard it? And we have other defenders. (Updated: Thursday, 08/25/2022 01:34:00)

Down the hole
Just hold your breath and think of it as a slip and slide. (Updated: Wednesday, 09/14/2022 23:27:00)

Dead man's tomb
We just need to help this guy get his heath in the right place. (Updated: Wednesday, 10/05/2022 23:32:00)

The wreak of the Enterprise
There must be something worth taking. (Updated: Thursday, 10/20/2022 00:37:00)

Journey to the west.
Hey, look at the dead guy's journal. (Updated: Thursday, 11/03/2022 00:18:00)

Quest for the Silver Chaliace
Did you say owlbear calvary? (Updated: Wednesday, 12/07/2022 23:50:00)

Broke down Palace
It that music? (Updated: Thursday, 12/15/2022 00:45:00)

The unbroke tower
Behold my mighty erection! (Updated: Friday, 12/23/2022 20:44:00)

Terminal of Trimoz
Just one little job. (Updated: Thursday, 01/12/2023 00:13:00)

Almost to the conclusion (Updated: Wednesday, 02/15/2023 23:16:00)

Settlers with a plan
I think I should take them out first... (Updated: Thursday, 02/23/2023 10:29:00)

Aftermath of the Dragon
The dragon is dead, now what? (Updated: Thursday, 03/02/2023 09:29:00)

Shirne of the shark men
The passage to the sea is guarded by the Shauaguin. (Updated: Thursday, 03/09/2023 00:35:00)

The Emporium of Many Spendorous Wonders
The Orcs aren't running Sirap anymore? Bah, someone is still going to want to buy these slaves. (Updated: Wednesday, 04/05/2023 23:54:00)

The inverted pyramid
Whose that beggar coming this way? (Updated: Thursday, 04/06/2023 00:01:00)

Inverted pyramid 2
Stuff coming up our hole! (Updated: Thursday, 04/13/2023 20:50:00)

inverted pyramid 3 necromancing the stones
Same level, new week (Updated: Wednesday, 05/03/2023 23:55:00)

Inverted pyramid. The next level
Going down... (Updated: Wednesday, 05/17/2023 23:32:00)

Kali ma!
This next room is as serious as a heart attack (Updated: Wednesday, 05/24/2023 23:25:00)

To the point
Two keys to go.

Last night
game's over (Updated: Thursday, 06/29/2023 21:52:00)
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