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Against the Lich King


Here's where you find out what's happened in previous adventures and what's still to come (in some cases).

The Barstow Wedding.
Brendon Barstow is marrying his only daughter Evangiline off too a would be hero and priest named Karst. Everyone is invited to the dance afterward that if s being held in the Barstow family barn. Food and drink will be plentiful. But something is amiss… (Updated: Tuesday, 08/03/2021 17:50:00)

Beyond Troll River
The Heroes of Barstow's Farm continue to explore the area beyond the Bronze Doors. (Updated: Wednesday, 07/28/2021 23:25:00)

Ruins in the Swamp
After a productive 2 weeks of relaxation recovery and personal growth the roup comes back together at the request of Dragan (Updated: Thursday, 08/05/2021 15:34:00)

Enter the Coven
As the group takes shelter in the tower, dark forces move against them and the town. (Updated: Wednesday, 09/01/2021 19:56:00)

Caves of Madness
One of the local mermen spotted something weird in some caves between the merfolk settlement and Westhaven. (Updated: Friday, 09/03/2021 10:25:00)

Towards the Doomgate
The group has decided to head north to the Doomgate to help some people settle in. (Updated: Thursday, 10/07/2021 00:21:00)

Deciscion at Doomgate
The heroes have decided to risk a trip to the village of the damned to overcome the undead and retrieve some weapons which have been lost for many years. (Updated: Wednesday, 11/17/2021 15:58:00)

The Map of Death
The group sets out to follow the map given to them (Updated: Saturday, 02/12/2022 20:50:00)

Trickery, deceit and traitors
Strang thing are afoot in Doomgate while troubling tales come from Westhaven (Updated: Sunday, 02/13/2022 22:22:00)

Explore, explore
The party has heard I’ll tidings from Westhaven. Will they return? (Updated: Friday, 02/18/2022 17:41:00)

#11 The Games Afoot
Having learned of the nefarious plot the party continues to Westhaven to stop the ritual (Updated: Thursday, 03/31/2022 11:27:00)

#12 Aftermath
The group stopped the ritual. Can they survive the aftermath (Updated: Thursday, 04/07/2022 17:07:00)

#13 The Lost Tomb
Stopping the mysterious ceremony led to the discovery of an ancient tomb. (Updated: Friday, 04/29/2022 23:25:00)

#14 Beneath the Lost Tomb
They keep on dragging me back! (Updated: Thursday, 05/12/2022 19:21:00)

#15 Return to Westhaven
The party returns to Westhaven for a rest? (Updated: Thursday, 06/09/2022 23:27:00)
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